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Call Now: 954-637-3371

South Florida Roof Inspections

I’m an FAA certified drone pilot under Part 107 and I’m here to help with your roof inspection needs. If at any point you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me right away using the chat icon in the bottom right. 


I use a drone with a 4k camera to fly over and all around your roof, inspecting it for any damage or developing issues in the foreseeable future, through pictures and videos.


One of the things clients love most about my roof inspections is they don’t even need to be there for me to do the job. 

I’ve inspected roofs for people that are all the way across the country, and I’ve inspected roofs for people that stand by my side watching the live footage from my drone, displaying right on my phone. 


To talk pricing, reach out to me right now by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right so I can do the job for you asap. 


…or you can just send me an email to


And as always, check out more of my content on Instagram @JTCFilms.

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